PU Prepolymer for Insole

HD-7235 / HD-2103Characteristics: Medium to low density, low hardness.Application: For insole.Typical properties of PU resinName of products@40ºCAppearanceDensity(g/cm3 @40oC)Viscosity(mPa·s @40oC)Package Size(kg)HD-7235(POL, A)Liquid1.13~1.181000~140018 / 220 (Net)Blue labelHD-2103(ISO, B)Liquid1.18~1.20100~20020 /

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HD-7235 / HD-2103
Characteristics: Medium to low density, low hardness.
Application: For insole.

Typical properties of PU resin
Name of products@40ºC
(g/cm3 @40oC)
(mPa·s @40oC)
Package Size
HD-7235(POL, A)Liquid1.13~1.181000~140018 / 220 (Net)
Blue label
HD-2103(ISO, B)Liquid1.18~1.20100~20020 / 235 (Net)
Red label

Catalysts & Additives
HD-7235 (POL, A)HD-H /gWater /gHD-C /gHD-C103/gOther
18 kg(one drum)014022080It depends
220 kg(one drum)017002700980It depends

Reactivity and product performance
Test ItemsReactivity parametersTest ItemsProduct performance
Ratio of (A+C) and B material100/68~70Moulding density(g/cm3)0.33~0.40
Material temperature (oC)40~45/38~42Hardness(23ºC)32~40C
Cream time (s)6~8Tensile strength(MPa)1.2
End of rise time (s)40~50Elongation(%)400
Free rise density (g/cm3)0.16~0.20Tear strength(kN/m)8
Metal mold temperature (oC)45~55Flexing resistance(23ºC)80,000 times no crack
Demould time(min)4~5Resilience(%)30
  • The ratio based on the best value varies with the type and quantity of added paint additives.
  • The free rise foam density varies with the seasonal variation (temperature, humidity)
  • These physical data are acquired by testing a sample of 6mm thick.
  • Data listed above are just for reference. The detailed data are subjected to practical operation. Please contact us if other physical properties are essential.
PU Prepolymer for Insole

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